Building the Best Resource

Our intention with this website is to build the best resource available for patients as well as dentists.

In the age of Google, we search the internet when we want to educate us about a subject and Google tries to be as helpful as possible in getting us the best results for our searches. In order to find out which website to show right there at the top of the first page, it uses (mostly secret) criteria to determine which website has the best answers to a question a visitor has.

Fortunately 'most secret' means that there are criteria we DO know. One of those is the quality of content. If it is so good that a visitor, who comes to the site, stays on the site and reads many pages, that is definitely a signal for Google to rank this site high and show it again when a similar question is asked.

And this is where those who have the deepest knowledge of the subject come in – you the dentist.

It would not be possible for a small team like us to create a website with top notch content all around without the help of those with the deepest knowledge.

As a dentist in the field of natural dentistry you, most likely, have a well-written website. Why would you contribute to this website?

The reason is another rather well-known criteria Google uses to rank websites and decide what to show at the top of the search results: Links!

If a high ranking website links out to your own website, that is like a vote for the quality of your website. In the past Google mostly looked for the number of links a website received, but this was soon abused by shady websites. So, Google got smarter and now the relevance of the website that gives the link to your website is strongly considered. That means if you have a friend who runs a clothing website, is giving you a link to your natural dentistry website, this link is mostly disregarded by Google as irrelevant.

But if you get a link from a website like that deals exclusively with natural or biological dentistry, this will give your website a real boost.

With this website we are creating a win-win situation for all involved. By combining our forces we create a website that is the go-to place for every question and all information about Holistic Dentistry. Information that you as a dentist contributes will be attributed to you and will link back to your own website which will get it a much greater authority as seen by Google.

While this website is developed and we really need your – the dentist's – help, we will make it free to you to promote your own website. At a later time, we will probably make membership a paid option. But during the growing phase, all dentists are invited to participate for free.

So, we encourage you to write a great article and submit it on our contact page.