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If you want to find out about holistic dentistry –
You have come to the right place.

We are Gigi and Merlin and have made it our mission to create this website where you can find out

All about Holistic Dentistry

The reason we initially wanted to find out for ourselves was that we thought that there must be a better way for dental treatment for our little son than what we had started out with.

Maybe you started out similarly as we did:

  • We are taught to brush your teeth, when you were little
  • We probably did not brush well enough because
  • At some point we developed a toothache
  • We went (or were taken by your parents) to the closest dentist
  • The cavity was drilled out and filled and we did not think about it any longer

But then you might have met somebody (or read something) that caused you to question the validity of many of those things that you had accepted as facts. For example

  • When the doctor gives you medicine, you take it
  • The person in charge knows best
  • However your dentist fixes your teeth and what he uses is fine

For us it was a chiropractor who opened our eyes to the possibility that not everything is as it looks, and that there are other options that might offer better solutions to a problem.

I remember that – many years ago in highschool – a friend brought in a medium sized glass bottle with – – – Mercury!

Yes, Mercury – and not little – at least a pound of it.

Our chemistry classes had made us smart enough, not to play with it directly and get it on our hands, but it was a fascinating material, a metal that sloshed back and forth in the bottle – and felt heavy nearly as lead, just liquid.

From handling instruction of CFL bulbs we later learned that this liquid metal was actually very poisonous but only when our chiropractor mentioned that this mercury made up about half of the so-called silver fillings we had in our teeth, we really started to question many of the accepted ‘truths’.

Becoming parents

When a new little human joined our family we got very busy.

So many new things to learn!

One of those was that even a two year old boy can have black marks on his teeth that looked like cavities.

We first started out acting similar to our parents – just find a dentist to have a look. We tried to do a bit better and followed a recommendation of a friend and found a pediatric dentist.

It was amazing – he even had child-sized treatment chairs!

Fortunately some of the ideas we had collected during our own time growing up, prompted us to interview this dentist before committing.

When we learned that he saw nothing wrong with the use of those so-called ‘silver’ fillings and that he would administer anesthesia even for the smallest procedure – we left in HORROR!

And thus our quest started that is now culminating in this website, because we believe that passing on the information we found can be helpful to you too.

We spent many hours studying whatever we could to find out about alternative ways of handling our teeth.

We want to take you along on this journey and hopefully save you some time to gain the same knowledge and insights so you can get the best options for your children and for yourself.

We will give you a complete picture, so you will get you information on those that mock alternative methods as well.

What is Holistic Dentistry

When we embark on a journey to explore an uncharted are, it is a good idea to define exactly what we talk about.

Holistic Dentistry…

Dentistry – we probably don't have to invest too much time to look at what that means, but

Holistic? There could be different meanings to this word, so let's decide on one:


characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

This looks like to concise and workable definition – let's go with it and look for some examples on what that actually means.

Imagine a young man of maybe 12 years is starting to have some tooth ache, finally goes to the denist with his parents and to the horror or all, at least half of his teeth have cavities, some so deep that a root canal treatment is called for.

Sure, the first step would be to repair the damage which would be done with material that are most compativle with the body's biology.

But then we must address the circumstances how it could be possible that such a bad situation developed to begin with. We might look into nutritional conditions, or even stress factors that are not, on first glance, considered to have anything to do with your teeth. 

A very memorable statement to describe a holistic dentist would be "We look at you as a whole person, not as a set of teeth."

Holistic dentistry is often also called

  • natural dentistry, or
  • biological dentistry



Building the Best Resource

Our intention with this website is to build the best resource available for patients as well as dentists.

In the age of Google, we search the internet when we want to educate us about a subject and Google tries to be as helpful as possible in getting us the best results for our searches. In order to find out which website to show right there at the top of the first page, it uses (mostly secret) criteria to determine which website has the best answers to a question a visitor has.

Fortunately 'most secret' means that there are criteria we DO know. One of those is the quality of content. If it is so good that a visitor, who comes to the site, stays on the site and reads many pages, that is definitely a signal for Google to rank this site high and show it again when a similar question is asked.

And this is where those who have the deepest knowledge of the subject come in – you the dentist.

It would not be possible for a small team like us to create a website with top notch content all around without the help of those with the deepest knowledge.

As a dentist in the field of natural dentistry you, most likely, have a well-written website. Why would you contribute to this website?

The reason is another rather well-known criteria Google uses to rank websites and decide what to show at the top of the search results: Links!

If a high ranking website links out to your own website, that is like a vote for the quality of your website. In the past Google mostly looked for the number of links a website received, but this was soon abused by shady websites. So, Google got smarter and now the relevance of the website that gives the link to your website is strongly considered. That means if you have a friend who runs a clothing website, is giving you a link to your natural dentistry website, this link is mostly disregarded by Google as irrelevant.

But if you get a link from a website like AboutHolisticDentistry.com that deals exclusively with natural or biological dentistry, this will give your website a real boost.

With this website we are creating a win-win situation for all involved. By combining our forces we create a website that is the go-to place for every question and all information about Holistic Dentistry. Information that you as a dentist contributes will be attributed to you and will link back to your own website which will get it a much greater authority as seen by Google.

While this website is developed and we really need your – the dentist's – help, we will make it free to you to promote your own website. At a later time, we will probably make membership a paid option. But during the growing phase, all dentists are invited to participate for free.

So, we encourage you to write a great article and submit it on our contact page.